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''Art is the tangible manifestation of the intangible that emanates from within, from the very depths of the heart which serves as the dwelling place of the soul. It is a reflection of one's innermost being, a cosmic vision, a memory, an emotion that one strives to convey with utmost clarity and authenticity. It is a piece of oneself that is meant to be shared with the world, a gift that is both personal and universal."

Silvia Tedesco is an Italian artist currently residing in Bassano del Grappa. She has experience in interior design, and woodwork, she authored the book "La casa Ecologica" in 1998. Silvia began experimenting with resin in 2012, and since then, her practice has evolved into a wide variety of mixed media techniques. Her works are owned by collectors throughout Europe and are displayed in private collections in the Canary Islands. Silvia also creates collections inspired by her life experiences and some design objects. In 2020, Silvia decided to expand her focus to the online world while continuing to participate in numerous art and design exhibitions.

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